About Mint To Be


I'm Caroline and I'm the artist behind Mint To Be. I'm an ex-biologist and self-taught mixed-media/recycling artist, so you won't be surprised that I'm naturally inspired by flora, fauna and geology, but a love of adventure, travel and a fascination of engineering, particularly the construction and design behind aesthetics and function, which often looks to the natural world for its solutions, frequently influences my work. Some things are just Mint To Be.

Brought up in a "make do and mend" environment and working in an ex-cotton mill, I love to experiment, combining traditional techniques with once-used materials giving them new life and added interest to the detail in original pieces from which the final range of products are created. Look out for paper marquetry and collage or vintage dip pen & ink and watercolour inks/pencil drawings, often fused together.

I like to transport people to places they dream of exploring, elicit memories of places they once visited and share helpful Words To Live By. Every piece I create tells a story; part of my own life's journey. People come to me initially because they are attracted to my artwork, but as the stories behind each piece begins to resonate with them, my creations become much more personal; they want to have pieces of my work in their homes or send them as special meaningful greetings and gifts to their friends and families.

All my products are made in the UK and use recycled and British raw materials wherever possible.

I'd love you to explore the website. Enjoy the journey.